Gingham: A Timeless Trend

Gingham: A Timeless Trend

The Enduring Appeal of Gingham

Gingham is a distinctive fabric characterised by its checkerboard design and is a timeless trend. With its diverse range of colours and scale, it can be found virtually everywhere - in homes, in fashion and even in high street retailer's window displays. The appeal of gingham lies in its simplistic, yet characteristic design which tends to invoke a feeling of nostalgia and comfort. 

In home decor, the gingham pattern has a unique way of bridging traditional and contemporary styles. It creates a sense of harmony and balance in any given space, making it a preferred choice for many homeowners. The pattern's innate flexibility permits it to be used in diverse ways, from creating a sophisticated atmosphere to portraying a casual, country-style feel. 

History of the Gingham Pattern

The gingham pattern originated in the 17th century, and interestingly enough, it wasn't always the iconic chequered pattern we all know. Originally, gingham was a striped pattern imported to Europe from Dutch colonies. It was only in the mid-18th century, in Manchester, England, that weavers began to weave it into the check pattern, giving birth to the gingham we all recognise today. 

Similarly, the name "gingham" may come from the Malayan word “genggang”, which means "striped". Over the years, gingham has been favoured by various historical figures and celebrities, further solidifying its status as a timeless pattern. In the 1960s, the trend was popularised even further by Brigitte Bardot when she wore a pink gingham dress to her wedding, making the fabric synonymous with style and elegance.

Versatility of Gingham Patterns

The popularity of gingham lies in its versatility. The pattern is present in a variety of scales, from large chequered designs to smaller, more intricate ones. This, coupled with a wide spectrum of colours, allows it to seamlessly blend into any decor style. Whether you prefer a minimalistic, Scandinavian aesthetic, or a more traditional, country style, gingham fits the bill.

Gingham is also incredibly adaptable. Its design can be easily incorporated into various aspects of home decor, from table linens and kitchen accessories to curtains, cushions, and even upholstery. The diversity in scale and colour makes it possible to use gingham in either a bold, statement-making manner or in a more subtle, understated way.

Tips for Styling Gingham in Kitchen and Home

Want to introduce gingham into your home decor? 

If you’re wary of large patterns, you can begin by introducing smaller gingham patterned kitchen accessories such as gingham napkins or gingham pan holders. Sterck & Co. offers a wide variety of options for your home and kitchen.

For bolder statements you can incorporate gingham tablecloths or runners to add a touch of charm and warmth. 

Shop for Gingham Kitchen and Home Products

Gingham is a safe pattern choice that has a rich history and versatile design - a trend that stands the test of time. Shop online for a variety of gingham patterned products.
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